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Security and Permission
Bugzero, used as either a bug tracking tool or a help desk customer support system, has a powerful and flexible access control model. On the first level, you assign each user an access code to the project itself; on the second level, access is controlled by the group and the type of the group of which the user belongs to; and finally, you can control field level access based on the group. Consider the following two use cases:

Use Case 1: Your product is used by many companies or organizations (such as customers and partners on a beta list) and each company has several users. Users from the same company should be able to see all the issues raised by them, but not the issues that are raised by any other companies.
Use Case 2: Your product has some bugs submitted by customers and your development staff fixed them. The how-to-fix information should be entered in the bug tracking system and be seen by the internal staff, but not your customers.

Below are some screenshots showing you how access control can be configured per project using the web-based administration tool.

1. Manage User Groups
Bug tracking: manage the user group
2. Field Level Access Control
Field level access control based on groups
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