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Q: When I switch project, it always fall back to the HOME page and display the
   bug list of the previous project.

A: This is a browser caching problem, check your browser's caching status.
   For IE 5.5 or later: Tools - Internet Options - General - 
                Temporary Internet files - Settings
                and select "Automatically" or "Every visit to the page"
   For Netscape Versions 4 or later or Mozilla 1.x: 
                Edit - Preferences - Advanced - Cache,
                and select "When the page is out of date" or 
                           "Every time ...".

   If you are using a proxy server, it may also cause a caching problem.
   You can either do not use proxy all together or configure it so that proxy
   servers are not used for the domain where Bugzero is located.

   Note that, since version 2.2.3, the proxy is no longer a problem.

* Reference brought to you by Bugzero, it's more than just issue tracking software!

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