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Q: How to create an ODBC data source (DSN)?

A: You can follow the steps below to create a DSN on Windows NT/2000/XP: 

1. launch the Control Panel,
2. click on Adminstrative Tools
3. click on Data Sources (ODBC)
4. then you will have a ODBC Data Source Administrator window.
   select the tab System DSN
   On your right, click on Add to launch a window "Create New Data Source"
     select Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
     click on Finish takes you to the ODBC Microsoft Access Setup window
     Fill in the Data Source Name, such as bugzero_db,
     this is the DSN you will use during Bugzero installation.
     click on Create ...
     you enter Database name as bugzero.mdb, and select a directory.
     then click on OK, OK....
5. now, you should take a look at the bugzero.mdb you just created in the
   directory you selected. Double click on it should open Access.
   There should be no tables yet.

Important note:

1. The DSN must be a System DSN so that the app server user can access it.
2. The database file itself (bugzero.mdb) should be located on a local drive,
   not on any network drive. The later may not work.
3. If you run NT service for your servlet engine, you will need set up the
   LogOn (Service --> Properties --> Log On) with a valid username/password
   of the local machine. If seems the Local System account won't let you
   access the access database.
4. In a 64-bit Windows OS, the 32-bit Data Sources (ODBC) is under
   C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe, use it instead.

* Reference brought to you by Bugzero, it's more than just bug tracking software!

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