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Q: How to install and use Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Bugzero?

A: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is fully supported by Bugzero. Here are the steps:

   1. Download the JDBC driver from Miscrosoft, see details here.

   2. Create an empty database, say "bugzero_db". You need first start the MSSQLSERVER.
      Then launch the "SQL Server Enterprise Manager", select "SQL Server Group" -->
      "Machine_name (Windows NT)" --> "Databases". Right click on Databases and 
      select "New Databases ...", and in the Name field, enter "bugzero_db".

   3. You can use the default database user account, "sa" to access the new database
      "bugzero_db". Or, optionally, you can create a new user account, say, "bugzero"
      To create a new account with the "Enterprise Manager", select "Security" -->
      "Logins", right click on "Logins" and select "New Logins ...". In the Name field,
      enter "bugzero", select "SQL Server Authentication" (enter a password), and
      for Defaults, select "bugzero_db" for the Database.

   4. The above information is needed when you run Bugzero's setup program.

   If you have a connection problem, see SQL Server JDBC Connection Errors

* Reference brought to you by Bugzero, it's more than just bug tracking software!

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