Web browser-based defect control software system

Q: What are the supported Web browsers?

A: Bugzero does not use Java Applet (except for the screenshot capture function), 
   Microsoft ActiveX, or any other Plugins.
   Bugzero does need Javascript. It has been tested on the following browsers:

     IE 5.x, 6.x, 7, and 8
     Mozilla 1.x,
     Google Chrome, 
     Netscape 4.7, 6+,
     Opera 6.0+ and later,
     Apple Safari,

   Other browsers should also work, but they have not been officially tested.

   Please note that, when attaching a file, if the browser encoded the multipart
   form data incorrectly, Bugzero will reject the data and you will see an error
   message. This may occur for the following browsers:

     MSIE 5.01; Windows NT 5.0
     Konqueror/3; Linux
     Konqueror/3.0.0-10; Linux

   The following problems have been reported, but normally they cannot be
   reproduced and they may never happen to you:

     With Netscape 4.79 on Solaris, the attachment page and the reports result
     pages do not display correctly. Version 7.0 apparently works fine. 

     With Netscape 7.0, the graphic reports cannot be displayed if the Cache
     property is set to "Every time I view the page", set it to "When the page
     is out of date" solves the problem.

     With IE6, if the Bugzero host computer does not have a DOMAIN (i.e.,
     WORKGROUP setup), then you may need use its IP address, instead of the
     hostname, in the url.  Otherwise, IE6 may not allow cookies.

   Many vendors never wait to tell you that their product is web-based and thus 
   cross platform, but they never tell you that it supports only IE and requires
   ActiveX and Java Applet etc. It is really not cross-platform at all.

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