Web-based defect track application system

Q: What is the hardware requirement?

A: Bugzero does not require expensive high-end hardware to run. On the contrary, 
   an old computer, such as an Intel Pentium 500 MHz or similar, is probably good
   and fast enough to run Bugzero (If you expect a high number of concurrent users,
   however, a large RAM, such as 512Mb, will be helpful).
   As far as the Web container, install a full J2EE application server such as
   WebLogic or WebSphere on such a computer is probably not a good idea.
   On the other hand, Apache Tomcat should work just fine.
   If you do not have an existing database to be used by Bugzero, we recommend you
   to install MySQL on the same computer. But be aware that, it is your responsiblity
   to backup your database regularly.

Concurrent Users:  <55-1010-50 50+
CPU:  500MHz1.0GHz2.0GHz3.0GHz
Memory:  256MB512MB1.0GB2.0GB
Hard Drive:  10GB20GB30GB40GB
Note, the hard drive is for the database computer, and the size needed completely depends on how many issues/bugs you will have. The above estimate should be large enough in a normal situation. What CPU and memory you need depends on how many concurrent users will be on the system at a given time.

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