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Q: 1. Attach large files or run search with large result set: OutOfMemoryError.
   2. Email submission with large attachment, email not saved.

A: If you attach large files or do search that lists the description/response or other large
   text area fields and the result set is large, the JVM may run of out of memory. Depending
   on the physical memory size of your computer, you can increase the memory size of the JVM.
   For example, with Tomcat on Linux (Unix), you can add the following line in cataline.sh
   (or setclasspath.sh, note that you need use quotation under sh):

      JAVA_OPTS="-Xms128m -Xmx512m"

   On Windows, you need uninstall the Tomcat service and re-install it with the above option

   A OutOfMemoryError may also occur in the case of email submission when the size of the
   file attachment is too large. In that case, the email is lost. You can apply the same
   solution as above.

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