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Q: What is the HTTP port number of my application server?

A: The HTTP port number of an application server is configurable. Below is the 
   default HTTP port numbers of some application servers:

     Tomcat (JBoss): 8080 (see server.xml)
     WebLogic: 7001 (see config.xml)
     WebSphere: 9080 (server-cfg.xml)
     Oracle 9iAS: 8888 (see default-web-site.xml)
     iPlanet: 80 (see server.xml)
     Orion Server: 80 (see default-web-site.xml)
     JRun: admin (8000), default (8100), samples (8200) (see jrun.xml) 
     Resin: 8080 (see resin.conf)

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