Bug track and defect tracking with internationalization support such as Chinese

Q: Does Bugzero support internationalization?

A: Yes, internationalization is now fully supported for Servlet 2.3 containers and
   databases that either directly support UTF-8 character set or their JDBC driver
   can encode the unicode in the front.

   Bugzero with UFT8 has been tested on Oracle 8i databases with UTF8 character set,
   SQL Server 2000, and MySQL 3.23 / 4.1 with the jdbc driver useUnicode set to true.    
   In the case of MySQL 4.1, the default database charset should be set to UTF8. 
   If you use Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korea, you may
   consider using UTF8, that can be switched on with system.charset=UTF-8 in the
   file system.properties.

   If you do not have a proper database that supports UTF, then you should not
   use UTF setting. Bugzero still works fine on the browser by saving the data in
   unicode numbers and displaying the characters correctly. In the email notification,
   however, mail clients such like outlook will show undesirably the unicode numbers,
   not the corresponding characters.

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