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Q: Where to get the SQL Server 2000/2005 JDBC driver?

A: Because of licensing issues, we cannot package the driver. However, you 
   can download it free from www.microsoft.com (sql/downloads or do a search for jdbc).

   Install it to any directory and find out where the jar file sqljdbc.jar is located.
   During Bugzero's setup process, it will ask you where this file is, and the setup
   program will copy it to Bugzero's lib folder.

   Alternatively, since all you need is the jar file, you can just download the unix/linux
   version and unzip the file to get the sqljdbc.jar.

   NOTE: This driver also works with SQL Server 2000.

   Also note that, there a few other free or commercial SQL Server JDBC drivers available.
   If you want to use these alternative drivers, you will need edit db.properties
   and modify the driver name in the file (before running the Bugzero setup program).

   If you have a connection problem, see SQL Server JDBC Connection Errors

* Reference brought to you by Bugzero, it's more than just defect tracking software!

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