Novell SilverStream bug tracking software and management tool

Q: How to deploy Bugzero on Novell exteNd Application Server 5.0 (SilverStream)?

A: You can deploy Bugzero with Novell's command-line deploy tool.
   First, cd to the bugzero directory and type 'jar ../bugzero.war .' to create
   the bugzero.war file; then create a deployment plan for bugzero (bugzeroPlan.xml),
   and finally run 'SilverCmd.exe DeployWAR bugzro.war -f bugzeroPlan.xml -U -P'

   Note that, you need modify Bugzero's and set
   (replace / with \\ on Windows OS).

   The deployment plan, bugzeroPlan.xml can be something like:

   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <!DOCTYPE warJarOptions 
      PUBLIC "-//SilverStream Software, Inc.//DTD J2EE WAR Deployment Plan 2.3//EN"

   <warJarOptions isObject="true">
     <warJar isObject="true">
       <version type="String">1.0</version>
       <warJarName type="String">bugzero.war</warJarName>
       <isEnabled type="Boolean">True</isEnabled>
       <urls type="StringArray">
       <deployedObject type="String">bugzero</deployedObject>

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