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What are people using Bugzero for? Here are some real use cases:
Mr. Screenshots:
In our project, for each issue, we normally have a few screenshots to attach. It takes a couple of minutes to capture the screenshot, save it into a file, and then attach the file onto the issue. Using Bugzero, the save file and select it to attach steps are completely eliminated.
Mr. Security:
Our applications are used and tested by our users, partners, and customers. We have very strict requirement as who can do and see what. For instance, we do not want to email company A about a ticket company B reported. Bugzero's access control serves us really well.
Mr. Links:
Bugzero is used to manage our customer data, sales data, product data, and support data. We record who the customer is, what products the customer has purchased, and what product the issue is related to. A customer entry includes name, address, phone number etc, and a product consists of name, model, serial number etc. With Bugzero, we created four projects, Support, Sales, Customer, and Products, and they are linked together nicely.
Mr. QA Suite:
We used to have different tools to manage bug tracking and test cases and plans. Now, using Bugzero, we can do it all together, and the relationships between bugs and test cases are clean and clear. All we need is to create two projects, one for bugs and one for test cases. We even added a project that takes care of all the requirements and the design documents.