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Bug tracking and source control system integration

The two major aspects of project configuration management are source version control and bug tracking (or bug control). In some case, they are integrated together. To some extent, version control is more on the development side and bug tracking is more on the QA side. And arguably, using a good reliable source version control system may be more critical than using a fancy bug tracking tool. But, believe it or not, there are far less version control systems out there for you to select. Below we take a look at some of them:
  • CVS is probably the most popular system out there. It is free and reliable. It is file based.
  • If you want use CVS, the server should be on a Linux box. It is not stable on Windows. On the other hand, cvs client can be on Windows without any problem.
  • Perforce is a commercial system and modestly expensive. It is reliable and very fast.
  • Perforce supports almost all the operating systems.
  • ClearCase is heavyweight, and probably need a dedicated person to take care of it. It is surely expensive.
  • Visual SourceSafe is a Microsoft product and works only on Windows.
  • VSS is not so reliable, data can be easily corrupted.
  • VSS seems to be a blackbox. If something went wrong, you run its repair tool without a clue what is going on.