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Below are some recent (from July, 2005 and on) actual public user feature enhancement requests made to some commercial bug tracking software vendors. These are features that may seem minor at a time and you never thought about them until you need them. We are proud to say that, they are all available out-of-the-box in Bugzero.
Q: Per-report Customer Access. Is it possible to grant external customers access to specific reports within a project, but to keep other reports internal? or do you need to create separate "internal" and "external" bug lists?
A: With Bugzero, it is easy (see bug tracking access). Here you really want two controls. One is to let external customers see only a subset of the bug lists. You can create a Customer user group with the type of "Group", such that, only bugs submitted from users of this group can be seen. To limit it further, you can create multiple groups of the type "Group", and only bugs from the same group can be seen. For example, if you want customers from company A see only bugs submitted from the same company, not from company B, then you create groups like CompanyA_Customer, CompanyB_Customer, etc.

The second control you want is to limit the bug fields that can be seen. Within the same bug, you can make certain fields read-only or completely hidden. For example, if you do not want to let your customer to see the field, How-to-Fix, then you can simply set this field denied to the user group Customer.

Q: Usability issue: As I go through my issues, and resolve them.. I am finding it a pain to get back to my issue list (I don't like using the next / previous links). When I resolve a case, I want an easy way to navigate back to the list of cases for that project.
A: In Bugzero, this is a user preferences setting. There are two modes, one takes you back to the issue list you are on, and the other mode takes you to the next issue directly.
Q: Is there a way to change the default priority for a new bug submission? For example, it currently defaults to 1 which is the highest in our scheme and I would like it to default to 4.
A: The admin can set any default value, no need to modify any source code.
Q: Can I have a different primary contact for each area? Within each project we have a development area, technical author area and a 'product' area. Is it possible to have a different primary contact for each area within a project? Currently the primary contact has to spend time reassigning bugs to the other areas.
A: Sure. The project area is internally called assignable in Bugzero, and you assign one user to each assignable. You can assign the same user or different users.
Q: Is there a way to create a new project basing on an existing one? I want to avoid the hassle of recreating an extensive Areas list.
A: Sure. In Bugzero, the clone project feature does exactly that.
Q: Has anyone ever asked for the ability to create new request types? Currently request types are limited to bug, feature and inquiry. The ability to create others would be useful, for example tasks of a purely operational nature (change a config file) could be entered as this type.
A: Sure, you can add or remove whatever request types you want, no limit.
Q: Is there a way to set a particular user to a different time zone? I work from a remote site in a different time zone than the main office. I'd like to have the report case times relative to my local time rather than the home office.
A: Yes, in Bugzero, the date is in user's local time based on the browser's time zone.
Q: Is it possible to sort tasks by time estimates? I can't seem to find a way to do it in the custom filter page.
A: Yes, you can sort by any field (column).
Q: Ability to Change Columns Displayed on each Filter? Currently it appears we can only set column fields for the Grid display in one spot for each user - under their Options. It would be fantastic if we could tailor them for each Filter.
A: Bugzero let you select show-columns for each filter independently.
Q: Feature Request: Associate columns with filters. I would like to specify the columns that should be visible in list view with specific filters. For example, I have some filters that focus in on a specific project, area and release. For these filters I have no desire to see the area column. However, I have other filters where I am seeing a more global view of a specific project. For these, I would want to see area as a column. And it is annoying to have to go to Options to change my columns whenever I change filters (so I don't do that either. I just end up looking at the areas column when it is redundant).
A: Bugzero let you select show-columns for each filter independently.
Q: Need an editable description field.
A: Bugzero's internal description field is not editable, but you can use a custom text area field for this purpose.
Q: Can you change 'Status' fields? We are looking for the ability to modify the status text to make it more meaningful to us. I don't see any option to do that.
A: The admin can add whatever status you want, during runtime, no need manually edit any database tables.
Q: Setting the Status field. I often find myself wanting to change the status of a case, but this doesn't seem possible. The reason for wanting to do this is that we are often waiting for feedback or a response from a customer. It would be nice to reflect that in the status field. If we could set the Status when Sending a reply or editing (to 'Waiting for Response'), then it could be set back to 'Active' when a response is received from the customer on that case. The reason is that sometimes customers take weeks (if ever) to respond, it would be nice to filter out these cases when looking at my list of active cases. Perhaps you can think of a better solution?
A: This can be done easily with workflow in Bugzero.
Q: Can you add new/more categories? What else would have to be changed?
A: Sure, admin can add whatever categories you want, during runtime. There is no need of manually editing any database tables.
Q: Filter by date range. Any way to filter bugs by an opened by date range? I'm getting requests from our QA leads to do this and the built-in date picker is not very granular.
A: Sure, Bugzero allows you to enter an actual date range or relative days.
Q: Linking cases. It would be really awesome if we could link a case to other cases. I know this is done for Duplicates when you resolve a case, but it would be great if we could do this manually as sometimes case relate to other cases.
A: Yes, in Bugzero, you can use a custom field with the data type of "link/ID".
Q: How to go to list after editing bugs? Is there a way to go back to the list after I edit a particular bug? Currently, I click on the OK button and it then shows me the bug all over again.
A: In Bugzero, it is configured in user Prefs. There you select either go back to the list or go further to next bug.
Q: Required fields. Is it possible to ensure that certain fields are filled in? I realize that you want to avoid making users fill in many fields - however it would be nice if we could ensure that the "Title" field was filled in - by default when empty the bug title is set to "(Untitled)" The Title field is fairly important for a bug and we feel shouldn't be optional.
A: In Bugzero, the admin can specify a field to be mandatory. By doing so, when the end user submits the bug report form, these fields will be validated to be filled in.
Q: ALT-PrintScreen. I was hoping that a screen capture was possible to put into a "bug report" (Alt-PrtSc). It does not seem to be possible. I can capture the screen and put it into WORDPAD so I know it is being captured. Would this be possible in future versions or can you tell me how to use this in the current version? I have users that cannot download your screen capture program and add it to their desktop because their computer is locked down.
A: In Bugzero, you can do exactly that. However, you have to enable Java plug-in in the browser.

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