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Price Comparison of Bug, Defect, and Issue Tracking Software

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Product Company Starting Price Expansion Price
TeamTrack 5.6 TeamShare $4995 (5-user) unknown
TeamTrack Wkgrp 5.5 TeamShare $1425 (5-user) $295 per user
TrackGear 3.0 LogiGear $1755 (5-user) $1609 per 5-user
TestTrack Pro 4.7 Seapine $299 (1-user) $299 per user
DevTrack 5.0 (Standard) TecExel $495 (1-user) $445 per user
PR-Tracker 5.10 Softwise Company $199 (1-user) $199 per user
Problem Tracker 4.1 NetResults $950 (5-user) $190 per user
PVCS Tracker 7.1.1 Merant $749 (1-user) $749 per user
TrackRecord ¹ Compuware $1495 (1-user) $1495 per user
Clear Quest IBM expensive expensive
TestDirector™ Mercury Interactive expensive expensive
Bugzero 4.x WEBsina $480 (5-user) $1600 (unlimited)

¹ Price is for the suite of DevPartner Studio which includes components other than bug tracking software.

All prices are taken from the web sites of the corresponding companies on Oct 12, 2002 or later, they might have been changed and are for reference only. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, we would be happy to hear from you. Click on the link for a technical review of bug and defect tracking systems (including freeware).