Bugzero is an one-for-all software bug tracking and help desk customer support system, try it here for free.
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Bugzero and ActiveLog has four types of licenses and a hosted option. They are simple, upfront, and transparent. We accept:
  • PO/Invoice, you can pay by company check, bank wire transfer, etc.
  • Online payment, you can pay through PayPal/Credit card by clicking on a proper links below.
If you have any questions, please call us at 1-650-224-9683, or see How to Pay.
Free Try Five-User Standard Enterprise One User
N/A $480 $1600 $4800 $100
  ¹ The license fees are in USD, and are only for one instance of Bugzero server. It includes 3-months tech support.
² If you want combine multiple items into one purchase using PayPal, you can use this page by entering the total amount yourself.  
Free-Try Edition:  No time limit, but is limited to 100 bug reports and five (5) named user accounts. The Web-based administration tool for project configuration and user account management is included (online demo for admin is also available for your convenience). It can be upgraded to either a Five-User or a Standard License. Please DOWNLOAD the zip file (1.2Mb). If you are on a Unix (Linux) box and do not have the unzip utility, please unzip the file on a Windows machine and then copy it over. If that is impossible, let us know and we will provide you a tar/gzip file.
Five-User Edition:  No time limit and no limit on the numbers of bug reports, but is limited to five (5) named user accounts. It includes the administration tool and a 3-month of tech support and version upgrade. It can be upgraded to the Standard or Enterprise Edition. Please click here to purchase ($480).

For versions 4.2.2 or later, you can purchase additional user numbers on top of the Five-user license at a rate of $100 per user. The annual maintenance must be in place however. Otherwise, if you do not wish to bring the annual maintenance up to date, a handling fee of $200 is applied each time the additional users are purchased.

Standard Edition:  No time limit and no limit on either the numbers of bug reports or the numbers of user accounts. It includes the administration tool and a 3-month of tech support and version upgrade. It can be upgraded to the Enterprise Edition. Please click here to purchase ($1600).
Enterprise Edition:  Has all that of the Standard Edition, plus add-on features described below, as well as VIP support. Please click here to purchase Enterprise edition ($4800).
Reminder LDAP authentication Screenshot Capture User Online Status Single Sign-on Anti-virus scan
$800 $800 $800   Detail upon request Detail upon request
  These add-on features can also be purchased separately. The Reminder and escalation keep you in touch with important issues through email; The LDAP/Active Directory based user authentication lets your users use their existing password. The screenshot capture feature lets you attach a screenshot image directly into Bugzero without saving it into a file. The user online status displays users who are currently online and their login time and last access time.
ASP Host:  Bugzero/ActiveLog can be hosted on our servers. No long term contract is required. Contact us for initial setup.
Setup fee (no refund) Monthly fee
$120 $100
License Upgrade:  The following table lists the upgrade fees. We will email notify you to download the software. Please note that this is not an automated process and you may need to wait for up to a day.
5-User to Standard Standard to Enterprise 5-User to Enterprise
$1200 $3200 $4400
Annual Maintenance: The paid licenses come with 3 months of free tech support and upgrade (expires 3 months late). To keep you always up-to-date and stay current, we offer an annual software maintenance package. It includes a full year of tech support through email and unlimited version upgrades (of the corresponding license), starting from the previous expiry date (not the maintenance purchase date). The price follows:
5-User maintenance Standard maintenance Enterprise maintenance Additional User for 5-User
$120 $400 $1200 $25/user
VIP Support:  For the best of the best support, you can purchase the VIP support package at $800 per year. This package includes both telephone and email tech support; it however does not include feature enhancement, customization, and integration support. VIP Support is only available to those who have the annual Maintenance package. VIP support is included in the Enterprise Edition annual maintenance.
Feature Request
and Customization
Bugzero has an active request for feature enhancement program. If the feature you requested is commonly interested and fit into the baseline product, you will be charged a fee at a small rate ($50/hr) for expedite implementation. For implementation of special features that have no common interests, or any customization, data import, and software integration support, you will be charged at a standard rate ($150/hour).
Others If you are combining multiple items into one purchase, or you are paying a fee for consulting or feature enhancement, or any other fees that do not have a direct pay link above, please follow this link if you choose to use PayPal.

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