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Knowledge base and FAQs: Bugzero related issues and known solutions
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P h o n e: (650) 224-9683
Instant Messengers: Yahoo: bug_tracker12
MSN: bug_tracker12 AT hotmail.com
AOL: bugtracker12
ICQ: 123250124
QQ (Chinese): 546562584
We prefer you email us instead of calling, in particular when you are having a technical problem. You should email us all the details, including the environment where the problem occurred, the log files, screenshots, etc. For any urgent issues, call us and we'll help you out.

Please be noted that, we are in the Pacific time zone (UTC-8). For people in Asia, contact us during your morning or early afternoon time. For people in Europe, we'll most likely reply you during your late afternoon or night time.

Email Blocked

We answer emails within minutes in normal situation, or up to a day in rare cases. If you did not receive a response, it means either we never received your email or your spam filter is blocking our reply message to you. You may also find your email was blocked (i.e., bounced back) by our spam filter, our apologies. In these cases, please contact us using a different method, such as phone, Web form, or this .
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