Email spam and SpamAssassin
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Email Filtering

This site uses SpamAssassin to filter spam emails.

If your email was rejected by us with a message like "Blocked as spam ..." or "Access denied ...", please try again by changing both the subject line and the content, or even the from address. You can also use a different contact method and let us know the problem.

If you did not receive a reply email from us, it may because your mail server dropped our reply email and never let us know. Please send us a follow-up email.

We also have people sending us emails but we cannot reply back because of an invalid DNS of their mail servers. If you have a unstable DNS, you may want to use a free mail account such like Hotmail or Yahoo mail so that we can at least reply to you.

In case you receive a spam email that appears to be from us, please check the full mail header and you will see that the IP address does not belong to us. This is called spoofing. We simply do not spam.


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