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Bugzero and ActiveLog user base is growing quickly and steadily.

Bugzero has a proven track record. It is simply easier and more flexible and configurable. Businesses and organizations around the world, including Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and start-ups, are using Bugzero for their software bug tracking and customer helpdesk support. Isn't it time you try out Bugzero too?

Bugzero customers include:

Wachovia Corporation, Banking   Tyco Valves & Controls, Manufacturing
L3 Communications, Telcom   Scholastic, Media
Sun Microsystems AB, Technology   Sun Life Financial (Canada), Insurance
Global Sources (world-wide), Service   Good Year, Automotive
Playboy, Media   Univ. of Calgary (Canada), Education
Siemens AG, Electronics   Time Warner Cable, Media
Parsons, Manufacturing   Cisco, Networking
NTT (Singapore), Electronics   Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, Education
JPL of NASA, Aerospace   and etc.
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Customer Testimonials

Bugzero has worked great for us. In particular, we are really pleased at how easily it integrated into our J2EE environment and how it is compatible with the rest of our system - Steven Punte (CTO)
Digital Orchid, Inc.
For the second time I am impressed by Bugzero's amazing flexibility and ease of use. I have implemented this tool previously in a large company and now at Digital Orchid Inc, a smaller company and a leader in wireless applications development and content management. Both times Bugzero has been the most effective tool out in the market. We are glad to have invested in Bugzero for our software issue tracking and will continue to recommend it to any company at any size. - Maryam Bassiri, Software Test & Quality Manager (Oct 2005)
Flowerfire, Inc
We were looking for a support system for our small business, to replace the overstressed IMAP-based system we were using. We spent quite a lot of time looking at free bug tracking solutions, including some fairly sophisticated ones, but none of them had the combination of flexibility, attractiveness, and email integration we needed. We were considering writing our own when we found Bugzero, which was very close to what we wanted, at a reasonable price. The folks at Bugzero were incredibly responsive, not only helping me through an installation issue but also quickly implementing several features we requested, to make Bugzero's email handling really top-notch, and to make Bugzero work exactly the way we needed. With the addition of the new features, Bugzero is a nearly perfect environment for us, allowing us to handle customer email through a unified interface, assigning support requests to different people without "losing" any information about the customers' situation. The customer interface is just normal email-- no need for them to learn any web-based system-- and our interface is a slick and nicely customizable web interface. Great program! - Greg Ferrar (Sawmill Product Manager, 2004)
Fresh America
We're using it in a support/help desk situation to track the problems our users have with our main business package as well as any hardware, Windows (Office, etc), and network problems they contact us about - Scott Carey
Siemens AG
Siemens, division Power Transmission and Distribution (PTD), department Organisation and Information for Applications (PTD OI AP) The department PTD OI AP is the Competence Center of the division PTD for SAP-applications. For the Enterprise Resource Solution NASA, Neukonzeption der Auftragsabwicklung im Produkt, System und Anlagengeschäft ( new-conception of the order-processing in the product, system, and project business, that means the displacement of the existing systems by SAP R/3) an adequate tool was searched that administrates the tasks within the team. In the first place an individual solution was implemented, which however proved to be heavyhanded and accident sensitive. Here we introduced Bugzero, a tool which is easy to handle, easy to administrate, flexible and user friendly. Websina also helped us a lot with the migration of the aged data (more than 10.000 tasks) into Bugzero. Although the resonance was rather temperate after the first introduction, because of some missing individual functions of the new system in comparison to the old system, Bugzero is fully established, now. Especially convincing is the stability and the reliability of the system. Meanwhile Bugzero is also applied for other projects besides NASA within the PTD OI AP. - Dumitru Bizau (Sept 2005)
Wachovia Corporation, Canada
We use Bugzero for all our development and production bugs, enhancements, and documentation changes. We have 4 sites up and down the East Coast and all the sites utilize Bugzero. We use the reports for metrics and reporting to upper management. So far Bugzero has met all our needs and has performed very well. We currently have 6 projects in Bugzero with developers and business admins entering and extracting data. - John Higgins (2003)

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