ActiveLog help desk customer support and issue tracking and management software tool based on Java J2EE Servlet and database
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ActiveLog™ web-based customer and sales tracking, help desk customer support and issue management system uses the same code base as that of Bugzero software. It tracks customers, sales, and customer concerns including customer requests, problems, incidents, and trouble tickets. ActviveLog is also an excellent tracking tool for home mortgage loan agents to manage their growing customer base of borrowers and loan applications (login as sam and password sam).

ActiveLog is designed in such a way that the projects in the system can be completely independent. For example, a user who is using ActiveLog on a help desk customer support project can be made completely unaware that there is a software bug tracking project on the same system. On the ther hand, two projects can be linked together. For example, a customer support project can be linked to a bug tracking project, and/or a customer contacts project.

ActiveLog is a simple, yet flexible issue tracking and management system that can be configured to fit your needs and behaves the way you like it to be. With the easy-to-use web interface, you can configure two projects, help desk customer support and software bug tracking, with completely different contents, to be used by two different groups of people.

ActiveLog does not require people to take training classes or read thick user manuals. As a loan agent, I am using it to manage my borrower and loan data, and it enabled me to see what is going with my customers neatly. - Anonymous loan officer (2010)

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ActiveLog is particularly a good fit if you let your customer to send email for tech support. Bugzero can intercept and parse the email, save it into the database and then automatically notify one of your company representatives. Your company representative can then reply by email or through the ActiveLog web interface. The entire communication history will be kept in the database.
The configuration requires no programming skills, and can be done quickly and easily with a few mouse clicks:

- One click to add or remove fields, support 100+ fields of varies data types including date time, number, users, URL, and cross-project link ID.
- Easily add or remove drop-down menu options and parent-child field dependencies. Add or change default field values at any time.
- A few clicks to setup field-level permission and access controls including hidden and read-only based on user roles.
- Flexible workflow to fit your unique process, easily configurable and customizable per project.
- One click to copy and move issues within or between projects.
- Link issues within or between projects, for example, a customer support ticket can be linked to an address record in Customer Address.
- Support both web interface and email interface (particularly for customer support) for internal and external users. Smart email submission handling.
- Support external customers to submit service requests and one-click to follow up later
- Support multi-level/multi-tiered customer support through escalation
- Meets ISO/IEC 20000 standard for IT service management.
- Secure, passed extensive application security reviews conducted by various companies.
- Customizable page layout, your own company logo, and look and feel
- Support multiple projects, configurable access control, and self registration
- Configurable advanced group and field level access control model (security)
- Configurable automatic and manual bug-assignment
- File attachment (can attach multiple files and any kinds of files at once)
- Support direct screen capture for attachment (available as add-on)
- Email notification, acknowledgement, and cc mail (per project, template based)
- Configurable email notification triggers or listeners (per project, per user)
- Group assignment (to a group of users)
- Metrics reports, advanced search, and re-usable stored queries
- Calendar date selection
- Easy to read, clean audit trail and change history
- Quick sorting and CSV file export supporting Asian languages in Unicode
- Public projects and self registration for open source projects
- Support LDAP/Active Directory user authentication (available as add-on)
- Custom email reminder, escalation, and trigger actions (available as add-on)
- Easy install (server side only) and minimal maintenance needed
- Easy to use web-based system administration (no learning curve)
- Exceptional remote trouble shooting and debugging capabilities

Help desk customer support

bug tracking and helpdesk support center
- Standard technologies, web-based, lightweight, feature-rich, robust, reliable, lightning fast, and exceptional usability
- Cross operating systems, single one code base written in Java™ and J2EE™, truely run anywhere and everywhere
- Cross database systems, based on standard SQL 92, fully open, scalable, and modular database schema
- No client software, no firewall issues, and accessible from anywhere on the internet through HTTP, HTTPS, or SMTP
System Requirement
Server Hardware PC (CPU 500MHz/256MB RAM/20GB HD),  Mac,  Sun,  or IBM Servers ...
Server OS Windows,  Unix,  Linux,  or Mac OS ...
Server Database Oracle,  DB2,  SQL Server,  Sybase,  MySQL,  PosgreSQL,  or Access ...
Server Software Java 1.3+ and a Java™ application server such as Tomcat,  WebLogic,  WebSphere ...
Client Software MSIE, Mozilla, FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera, Netscape, or iPhone/iPod/iPad ...
A customer said well:  .... is a nearly perfect environment for us, allowing us to handle customer email through a unified interface, assigning support requests to different people without "losing" any information about the customers' situation. The customer interface is just normal email-- no need for them to learn any web-based system-- and our interface is a slick and nicely customizable web interface. Great program!

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