Hosting bug tracking
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Bug Tracking On-Demand
Here you are, our hosted on-demand bug tracking service. Our experience with both the Bugzero tool itself and the hosting service have been excellent. During our years of use there has not been a single outage in prime time. Given the reliability of the environment and the flexibility of the tool to handle multiple different projects, it's a resource our team can safely take for granted! - Bob DeMarco, Electrophysics Corp. (2008)
System Environment:
Bug tracking server:Bugzero/ActiveLog
Web server:Apache 2 on Linux
Servlet engine:Tomcat 4 and 6 on Linux and Windows
Database server: MySql 5 on Linux
How it works:
You contact us to set up a Bugzero instance. It should take us less than 24 hours to get it done. And from that point on, you have the full control of your Bugzero instance.
Non-refundable setup fee: $120
Monthly fee $100
You can pay monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly, or yearly, whatever you prefer.
We make our best efforts to provide you continuous services. However, you understand and agree that temporary network delays and interruptions may occur completely beyond our control, and under no circumstances shall we be liable to you for any of that.

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