Web-based IT help desk customer support system
Bugzero one-for-all bug tracking and help desk support system
Q: Can Bugzero be used for IT help desk customer support?

A: Yes. Bugzero can be configured to be used in the IT help desk customer support 
   situation. For instance, you can configure Bugzero to have fields like
   Department, Location, Environment, etc, instead of Version, Build, 
   Platform, Test Case that are commonly used in a bug tracking situation.
   Bugzero is expecially a good fit if you let your customer to send email for
   tech support. Bugzero can intercept and parse the email, save it into the database
   and then automatically notify one of your company representatives. Your company
   representative can then reply by email or through the web interface. The entire
   communication history will be kept in the database.

   For help desk support, the software can be renamed as ActiveLog. You can turn on
   the line logo.gif=activeLog.gif in the label.properties file to have this name.

   Many users have been using Bugzero for their help desk support.

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