Java license tool, toolkit and manager; create, validate, and manage license keys
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JLicense™ is a Java utility library for creating and validating license keys. It includes a simple GUI tool for creating the license file and a LicenseManager (which should be embedded inside your Java software) for validating the license. You can also write your own class, such as a Servlet, to create the license file more dynamically based on user input data.

JLicense is feature based, and you can validate the license based on the features. For example, you can add features like IP address, MAC address, user number etc.

The current version of JLicense is 2.7. You can download JLicense toolkit binary and use it for free. JLicense API is also available online

JLicense source code is for Java developers who do not want to spend many days to write their own license tool for their software. JLicense shall save you these many days. The source code is available for $50. You can pay it through PayPal online.

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